At The Looking Glass(es) LLC we take particular pride in our refusal to play the "Insurance Game". What is the "Insurance Game"? In a nutshell, it is the driving force behind skyrocketing healthcare prices and diminishing quality. Insurance companies only pay part of the "bull" submitted to them, so, in order not to loose money on goods and services, providers must raise prices. for example:

  1. You go and purchase a pair of eyeglasses
  2. The eyeglasses cost $200.00
  3. The store charges your Insurance Company for the $200.00 while you pay a $20.00 copay
  4. Insurance pays the provider $100.00 because $200.00 is too much
  5. In order to pay bills and still maintain profit margin the provider must raise their price
  6. Eyeglasses are now $300.00

We desire our pricing, quality, and policies to be straight-forward. We do business like you would in the 1800's: Negotiation, Handshakes, and Square-Deals.

We realize, like most of the US, you probably have insurance. So, for your convenience, we have prepared downloadable self-submission links for reimbursement.


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