Eyeglasses On "Suspension"

The Looking Glass(es) is proud to announce its "Pay-It-Forward" program. We believe everyone should have access to the vision care they need, so we are offering glasses on "suspension" for anyone truly in need.

There seems to be a "crack" in our system.  Adult Medicare does not pay for eyeglasses and some hardworking adults who do not have any insurance just cannot make ends meet.  Sometimes, life just happens.

How it works:

  1. Happy customers Pay-It-Forward by purchasing a basic pair of eyeglasses at cost and placing it on the board.
  2. Others later are able to redeem these "suspended" eyeglass orders.
  3. We encourage every recipient of suspended eyewear to pay it forward in some fashion later on whether it be through small acts of kindness or giving to someone else.

This is not a coupon or a free giveaway. On your honor as a decent human only take when you are in need.